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Whether it’s compliance documentation, member communications, or marketing information, ViaTech can help streamline your content creation and distribution workflows.

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Streamline And Protect Your
Member Healthcare Communications

Enhancing the customer experience through positive engagement is a priority for healthcare companies. Keeping members informed through marketing materials and other communications that are not mandated by government entities allows the flexibility to deliver information on a wide range of topics in an appealing format. Mandated communications, such as the Summary of Benefits, Annual Notice of Changes and Explanation of Benefits present the added challenges of adhering to a prescribed format and delivery deadlines.

For all communications, ensuring HIPAA compliance and protecting personal information through cybersecurity and a secure environment is of paramount importance. Data breaches pose one of the biggest threats to corporate information. A breach undermines marketplace confidence in the organization and, in the case of a HIPAA violation, can result in severe monetary and other penalties imposed by government entities such as CMS.

ViaTech offers an automated workflow solution that streamlines the management, compliance, and delivery of healthcare communications to your members. By integrating our proprietary workflow software into your existing processes, your content, plan and member information are consolidated into a HIPAA-compliant environment. Working in a secure cloud-based platform, you can quickly create, manage, and distribute communications to your members via print, mobile device, or both, providing the flexibility that today’s consumers expect from their healthcare company. ViaTech’s solution also provides the capability to identify the materials that were read by your recipients and perform analyses on the results.

For decades, ViaTech has helped healthcare companies of all sizes streamline and protect member data and healthcare communications. Here are just a few of the communication solutions ViaTech offers for your organization.

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Meeting Member Demand for Secure, Accessible Data

Today’s healthcare consumers expect their providers to offer leading-edge solutions to managing their health data. ViaTech helps you meet the challenge of consumer demand for instant access to print and electronic health data while simultaneously maintaining the highest levels of data security. Our proprietary software integrates and centralizes databases from a variety of sources, streamlining content creation and providing secure, consumer-driven distribution channels. By partnering with ViaTech, you can create member communications more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively without changing any of your current member portals or supply chain partners.

Our software ties into any content, wherever it resides, to consolidate and manage data for document creation, production and distribution in an automated, highly secure process.

Your organization is in good company with leading healthcare businesses that utilize our services to help with their member communications:

  • Optium
  • SavaSeniorCare
  • CityofHope
  • HealthCarePartners
  • KaiserPermanente
  • UnitedHealthGroup

Hundreds of top healthcare organizations around the globe partner with and trust ViaTech everyday with their most valuable information.

ViaTech’s Secure Ecosystem

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Secure as Your Internal Infrastructure

With an unparalled investment in data security, ViaTech protects your member data through layers of monitored systems and digital security. Our production facilities are HIPAA-certified to safeguard member sensitive data. ViaTech’s entire ecosystem has redundant layers of production and security to provide the highest levels of assurance that your documents are always in compliance.

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Customized to Your Business Needs

Your ViaTech solution is custom-created and managed by experienced healthcare IT professionals who understand the healthcare business. We take the time to get to know your business, challenges, and goals, enabling your dedicated ViaTech team to develop a customized, comprehensive solution that addresses all your needs. Working as your partner, we can help you create a truly blended member experience – print and electronic – that leverages your existing infrastructure investments.

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What can ViaTech do for you? Communications Solutions

Member Engagement Center

Ensure Delivery of the Right Content to the Right members - on Time!

Robust content that could benefit your members is probably hiding deep within your multiple information systems. ViaTech’s dedicated team of experts will work with you to analyze your data, evaluate your current documents to determine their effectiveness in addressing your members’ communication needs, and work with you to develop a comprehensive suite of member communications in your preferred format.

Getting targeted information in the hands of the right populations will drive your business and improve member knowledge and engagement. Following content creation, we will assist in delivering your communications to the identified segments of your member population using a choice of formats such as printed materials with your choice of customization, personalized notes through ViaNote, or digital delivery via Active Reader.

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Compliance Member Communications

Ensure Delivery of the Right Content to the Right members - on Time!

Change is the only constant in today’s dynamic world of healthcare regulations. How do you communicate the correct information for different plan types to the right members in an accurate timeframe?

The ViaTech content management approach allows you to streamline the custom creation of client-branded, CMS-required member communications (ANOCs/EOCs, Welcome Kits, Pre- & Post-Enrollment Kits, Provider Directories, etc.). We understand the importance of 100% accuracy and meeting critical in-home delivery dates.


Improve with ViaTech

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Improve your Star Rating

Communicate more frequently with members with one-on-one personal information, especially during critical time periods.

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Increase Win Back Ratio

Deliver meaningful plan information to potential members when they want to hear about it.

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Expedite Approved Content

Automate compliance processes within the content management system to create approved content with less

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Peace of Mind

HIPAA compliant, the ViaTech ecosystem ensures member data remains secure.

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Decrease Time to Communicate

By eliminating manual processes, ViaTech significantly reduces the time to update and distribute communications.

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Save Money

ViaTech’s automation processes eliminate extra steps that cost money.

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Active Across The Market

We Know How to Drive Your Success

In Healthcare, member content consumption and utilization are vital to an organization’s success. Distributing easily consumable content that is utilized by recipients will impact the bottom line and increase overall member satisfaction.


Of internal costs are realized through an integrated content and delivery platform*


Of customers want to choose their communication preferences*


Of print material costs can be eliminated by moving to member-driven communication preferences*

*Based Upon ViaTech B-to-B Customer Findings

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Active Reader™

Digital Access to Communications

Active Reader™ is a device-agnostic enterprise application that allows Healthcare suppliers to give their members secure digital access to any document on any mobile device, as well as the ability to add personal annotations and notes within those documents.

Given the compliance requirements of an agent, broker, and call center representative training of CMS, Active Reader creates a learning environment that ensures strict training adherence.

As the healthcare industry issues new guidance, rules and regulations, training and CE programs are instantly updated to provide only the most current information to your associate. Through Active Reader, members receive accurate and timely information.

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ViaNote Streamlines a Personal Touch

ViaNote™ automates hand-written content without sacrificing the human element. Creating real pen-written notes indistinguishable from human handwriting, ViaNote offers customizable options in handwriting style and ink color. Messages are digitally prewritten and proofed, guaranteeing their accuracy, speed, and compliance. In addition to eliminating typos and grammatical errors, this intuitive software improves speed-to-market, creates a clear, concise accountability trail, and ensures correct delivery at all times.

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ViaTech continually performs as a top vendor with commitment to Innovation, outside the box solutions and drive to be the best a partner can offer.

Marcus Cohen, DIrector New Business, Fulfillmnet Services

As a steward of Kaiser Permanente, I can assure you that ViaTech is not just an approved vendor, but an outstanding resource for your content creation, management, and distribution.

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